TABAR is one of the major consulting and engineering firms in Turkey, providing services in civil, structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical fields. Since its foundation in 1977, TABAR has undertaken a large volume of consulting and engineering works with dedication to excellence in all technical services provided. Over the years, through broad usage of international criteria and standards, the company has developed extensive knowledge and expertise, keeping update with the new levels of technology. TABAR has provided superior service in the fields given below integrating and building up on the recent computing and working environments.


Total : 41

Architects:3, Structural Engineers:5, Civil Engineers:1, Environmental Specialists:1,Mechanical Engineers: 1, Electrical Engineers:1, Geologist and Soil Specialist: 1, Technicians and Draftsmen:20, Administrative Staff: 5


Civil engineering, Master Plan and feasibility Studies architecture, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, water supply, waste water engineering environmental protection, pipeline engineering, electrical engineering, engineering geology, mechanical engineering, urban planning, construction and project management, contract documents preparation, bid evaluation.


All types of buildings, hospitals, copper, lead, steel installations colds stores, grain silos, mines, storage facilities, bridges, oil and gas pipelines. Master plan and feasibility studies for domestic and industrial water supply projects, water transmission lines, reservoir systems, pumping stations and tunnels.


Revision of the complete design of Bursa Water Supply and Distribution System :

Feasibility studies, preparation of

contract documents and bid evaluation. Design of supply lines, pressure zones, distribution networks, pumping stations and reservoirs. Complete design from preliminary investigations on site, financial comparison of solutions to final drawings of reinforced concrete and pipe layout. Future population served 2.2 million habitants.

Client : DSI State Hydraulic Works and BUSKI Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate

İzmit Water Supply Project Review of designs and secondment of staff for on site construction, monitoring and administration of the construction contract.

Client: İzmit Water General  Directorate

Ankara Metro Kızılay-Batıkent line totaling 10 stations :

With a two way daily capacity of 70.000 persons with a total area of 106.510 m2. Complete design and final drawings of reinforced concrete diaphragm wall with top down method.

Client : Greater Ankara Municipality and Gama – Güriş Joint Venture

Kayseri Cement Factory :

Grinding and packaging complex with a capacity of 3000 tons of cements per day. Complete design of the works from conception to final drawings of reinforced concrete mostly steel. Special buildings ; 75.000 ton capacity cone shaped circular-clinker-storage hall, clinker mill, trass mill, heavy duty conveyors, packaging unit and administrative buildings.

Client : Akçimento

Çimsa III – Hacı Sabancı White Cement Production Plant:

One of the largest white cement production plants in the world with a capacity of 1500 tones/day. Equipped with latest technology in its field and fully automated. 41 number of low emission filters are used as a result of its environmental friendly design. The 67 meters in diameter and 46.50 m height clinker storage hall is unique within its area.